I have been fortunate to have had an enduring career in film, television and a bit of theatre along the way.  I have wonderful memories from most of those projects. To be honest, some, I probably have forgotten. The special ones live with you forever. Those are the moments that surprise you and suddenly you find yourself in a surreal situation doing what you’ve always dreamed of doing. I’ve had a few of those moments. Early in my career working with Horton Foote on his play, “Valentine’s Day” in New York, doing the American premier of Loleh Bellon’s play, “Thursday’s Girls” in Los Angeles with Lynn Redgrave,  working on films like “Lincoln,” “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs,” “Hell on Wheels,” “The Knick,” and most recently, “The Good Lord Bird” with Ethan Hawk and directed by Albert Hughes. These were special for me because of the people I was privileged to have worked with and the care and the detail the filmmakers and writers brought to their projects. It is special and when you are in the middle of it, you know it!  These are the moments for which I am so grateful. 
Grainger Hines

Clarence Darrow

Still Waiting

Kenshow at the Bedfellow

Hot Bath and a Stiff Drink


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